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A roller-coaster tale. Nobody goes deeper, works harder or produces more penetrating insights than [Caro].

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The reporting is copious, the writing elegant and energetic, the sentences frequently rushing forward themselves like mighty rivers. As a student of power, Caro is a Machiavelli for democrats, who instead of addressing the prince, addresses the people.

The Passage of Power Vol. 4 The Passage of Power | Βιβλία Public

His books. It is not inconceivable to think that, without the presence of LBJ and the influence on him of his character and his experiences, none [of the civil rights bills] would have won Congressional approval.

Incredibly well-written, with the tension and drama of a compulsive thriller, and the style of an elegant novel. His books are about America, its culture, its history, and its society. LBJ emerges from this biography as a fully rounded tragic hero: cowardly and brave, petty and magnificent, vindictive and noble, a man of vaunting ambition and profound insecurities.

Caro marries profound psychological insight with a brilliant eye for the drama of the times. He investigates, among other larger-than-life figures, the Kennedy brothers, the powerful and unbending Harry Byrd of Virginia, and the clownlike but devoted Bobby Baker.

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Caro is a great historian, but if the purpose of art is to stimulate thought and arouse emotion, he is also a great artist. A single theme emerges: the insidious ways that clever politicians can gather and abuse power—sometimes for good, sometimes for evil—in a modern democratic society.

'The Passage of Power,' by Robert A. Caro: review

The next book will crown an achievement in presidential biography unmatched among presidential histories. For many politicians it is the finest book on politics. The ultimate political story. The answer, of course, is that Moses and Johnson were powerful men who had an enormous effect on our urban and national development and that understanding the way power is used and abused is vital to preserving a meaningful democracy. Relegated to the sidelines, Johnson assumed a mask of deferential subordination that chafed miserably but never slipped to reveal the fury and frustration underneath.

Caro implies that his vice presidential comeuppance tempered LBJ in ways that proved salutary after he was unexpectedly returned to power.

The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume Four by Robert Caro: review

The iron self-control required of him as vice president served him well as he worked to persuade hostile Cabinet members and White House staff that they could best honor John F. In the past, ambition had always trumped his compassion for the poor and persecuted; now his superb political skills could be dedicated to something other than his personal advancement, and they were.

About Us. It showcases Mr. Johnson emerges as both a larger-than-life, Shakespearean personage—with epic ambition and epic flaws—and a more human-scale puzzle.

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Taken together the installments of Mr. Book Four of Robert A. A masterpiece.

Passage - Power

The Passage of Power follows Lyndon Johnson through both the most frustrating and the most triumphant periods of his career— to