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They must spring up from the conscious Self. Apprehending it even vaguely helps the extinction of the ego.

Thereafter the realisation of the one Infinite Existence becomes possible. In that state there are no individuals other than the Eternal Existence. Hence there is no thought of death or wailing. Let him find out if he has been born or if the Self has any birth.

He will discover that the Self always exists, that the body which is born resolves itself into thought and that the emergence of thought is the root of all mischief.

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Find wherefrom thoughts emerge. Then you will abide in the ever-present inmost Self and be free from the idea of birth or the fear of death. Their annihilation is the aim. The state free from vasanas is the primal state and eternal state of purity. He sees so many dying but still believes himself eternal. Because it is the Truth.

Unwillingly the natural Truth asserts itself. The man is deluded by the intermingling of the conscious Self with the insentient body. This delusion must end. The delusion is only concomitant with the ego. It rises up and sinks. But the Reality never rises nor sinks. It remains Eternal. The master who has realised says so; the disciple hears, thinks over the words and realises the Self. After a few minutes, she pointed out that she had intended to ask Maharshi about death and matters relating to it but did not however do it. Yet Maharshi was reading the related matter in the newspaper and the same topic came up for enlightenment.

She left after seeing the cow Lakshmi.


Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Voir plus de contenu de Ramana Maharshi sur Facebook. Plus tard. Pages connexes. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi Professeur particulier. Who am I? Organisation religieuse. Krishnamurti Auteur. Sri Ramana Maharshi. Poonja Papaji. Sri Anandamayi Ma. Ramana Maharshi. Is it possible to know the condition of an individual after his death? But why try to know it? All facts are only as true as the seeker.

She: The birth of a person, his being and death are real to us.

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She: But from my own level of understanding I consider myself and my son to be real. She: Yes.

If you make yourself comfortable and go to bed you fall asleep. Face the troubles but keep yourself steady in meditation.

Labels: self-enquiry. In reply to a sadhu [? Sri Bhagavan said: "What do you care for the body? Practise bhakti and don't worry about what happens to the body. Labels: Uncategorized. A Gujerati gentleman said that he was concentrating on sound - nada [? Maharshi: Meditation on nada is one of the several approved methods. The adherents claim a very special virtue for the method. According to them it is the easiest and the most direct method. Just as a child is lulled to sleep by lullabies, so nada soothes one to the state of samadhi ; again just as a king sends his state musicians to welcome his son on his return from a long journey, so also nada takes the devotee into the Lord's Abode in a pleasing manner.

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Nada [? After it is felt the practice should not be made an end in itself. Nada is not the objective; the subject should firmly be held; otherwise a blank will result. Though the subject is there even in the blank he would not be aware of the cessation of nada of different kinds. In order to be aware even in that blank one must remember his own self. Nada upasana meditation on sound is good; it is better if associated with investigation vichara [? In that case the nada is made up of chinmaya [? Nada helps concentration. Talk Talk Realisation is of Perfection.

It cannot be comprehended by the mind. After transcending the mind you remain as the Self. The present knowledge is only of limitation. That Knowledge is unlimited. Being so it cannot be comprehended by this knowledge. Cease to be a knower, then there is perfection. In reply to Miss Leena Sarabhai, a cultured Indian lady of high rank, Sri Bhagavan said: The state of equanimity is the state of bliss. Maharshi: If there be a goal to be reached it cannot be permanent.

The goal must already be there.

Talks Sri Ramana Maharshi

We seek to reach the goal with the ego, but the goal exists before the ego. What is in the goal is even prior to our birth, i. Because we exist the ego appears to exist too. If we look on the Self as the ego then we become the ego, if as the mind we become the mind, if as the body we become the body. It is the thought which builds up sheaths in so many ways.

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The shadow on the water is found to be shaking. Can anyone stop the shaking of the shadow? If it should cease to shake you would not notice the water but only the light. Similarly to take no notice of the ego and its activities, but see only the light behind.

The ego is the I-thought. Maharshi: Realisation is already there. The state free from thoughts is the only real state. There is no such action as Realisation. Is there anyone who is not realising the Self? Does anyone deny his own existence? Speaking of realisation, it implies two selves - the one to realise, the other to be realised.

What is not already realised, is sought to be realised. Once we admit our existence, how is it that we do not know our Self? Maharshi: Quite so.

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It is the mind that stands between and veils our happiness. How do we know that we exist? If you say because of the world around us, then how do you know that you existed in deep sleep? Maharshi: Is it the mind that wants to kill itself? The mind cannot kill itself. So your business is to find the real nature of the mind.