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As Locke and Jean go through heavy cramming on naval matters with sailing master Caldris bal Comar, they suddenly become the target of several assassination attempts by some unknown party unconnected to either Requin or Stragos. Nonetheless, after a month of training they are given charge of a ship called the Red Messenger and ordered to free imprisoned sailors in the Windward Rock dungeon to comprise their crew.

The archon also orders them to keep the sailors from killing the incapacitated guards; Locke and Jean comply, but the archon's aide Merrain covertly kills the guards after the crew's escape in the name of an unspecified cause. During the voyage south, Locke and Jean play the parts of captain and first mate while Caldris gives them discreet guidance on commanding the ship. The surviving Messengers, now aware that Locke and Jean are not real sailors, mutiny and put the two out to sea in a small boat.

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Hours after the mutiny, the Red Messenger and the duo's boat are captured by a pirate ship called the Poison Orchid captained by Zamira Drakasha. Locke is interrogated by Zamira about the reason he commandeered a ship despite his clear inexperience, while Jean and the ship's first mate, Ezri Delmastro, fall in love.

Under Zamira's rules, the scrub watch have the opportunity to become full Orchids by participating in a raid on another ship. Locke and Jean volunteer to be the first to board the next ship in order to regain the trust they lost with the Messengers.

Red Seas Under Red Skies

The duo's bravery becomes an object of admiration among the crew when the ship they raid turns out be defended by vicious Jeremite Redeemers. Jean contends with Locke that the pirates, as fellow thieves, deserve their full frankness instead of Locke's plan to lead them to their doom against Tal Verrar. In Port Prodigal, the sole remaining town in the Ghostwinds, Zamira relays Locke's request to a council of pirate captains.

Although the council votes to let her go against Stragos, they secretly fear that the archon will attack them in retaliation and decide to later send Jaffrim Rodanov to keep Zamira from dragging the rest of them into any potential conflict.

Locke and Jean return to Tal Verrar with the Poison Orchid and reestablish contact with Stragos, to whom they promise to begin attacking ships, and Requin, who they fool into thinking they will immediately return to the Ghostwinds. They and the Orchids deliberately aggravate the archon by only partly adhering to his orders, staging a half-hearted raid on a small merchant vessel but mounting a massive assault on a town to the northwest where peasants let themselves be put through cruel and humiliating games by nobles for money.

Locke and Jean hope to get close enough to the archon's alchemist during one of their subsequent meetings to somehow take the antidote, but Stragos eventually refuses to see them again unless they have mounted a proper raid on a ship.

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Rodanov's ship intercepts Zamira and attacks the Poison Orchid. As the battle turns into a stalemate, one of the Orchids who had actually been working for Rodanov brings up an alchemical sphere capable of quickly burning through the ship's hull and threatens to ignite it unless Zamira surrenders. He accidentally lights it prematurely when one of the Orchids shoots him with an arrow, but Ezri sacrifices her life to throw the burning sphere onto the enemy ship instead, killing the rest of Rodanov's crew.

Locke and a grieving Jean decide to take down Stragos that same night while also completing the Sinspire job. The city's real enough to tour and as gritty as Mieville's New Crobuzon , the characters real enough to jump off of the page and pick your pocket or stop your heart , and the plot's just plain amazing. This one's not to be missed. But they can't run forever, and after escaping Camorr they decide to head for the richest and most difficult target on the horizon-- the city-state of Tal Verrar.

And the Sinspire. The Sinspire is the ultimate gambling house. No thief has ever survived an attempt to rob it. Naturally, Locke plans to take it for a fortune, in his biggest gamble yet.

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  6. But this perfect crime may have to wait. Someone else in Tal Verrar wants the Gentlemen Bastards' expertise, and they're not gentle in compelling Locke and Jean to devote their talents to an even more unlikely and suicidal proposition-- masquerading as pirates on the high seas. Fine work for a pair of landlubbing thieves barely able to tell one end of a ship from the other! Locke and Jean find their abiding friendship tested to its very limits in this strange new world of lurching wooden decks, brutal ship-to-ship action, and feuding pirate captains.

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    But not even their sojourn as buccaneers can keep the Gentlemen Bastards from their much-desired reckoning with all the powers that have conspired to interrupt their lives, including the last people in the world any sane person would want to offend If anything it's an improvement on the first in the series Right-click to download as an RTF. The nature of magic and the secrets of Karthain. Thorn and Rose fight to share the stage. A breakaway republic, outnumbered on all fronts. Two thieves caught between avarice and admiration.

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    Things change forever. A dangerous bid to reach old allies.

    Fine work for thieves who don't know one end of galley from another. And all the while the Bondsmagi are plotting their very necessary revenge against the one man who believes e has humiliated them and lived; Locke Lamora. Scott Lynch was born in in St.

    Scott Lynch Gentleman Bastard Series Book 2 Red Seas Under Red Skies Part 3

    Paul, Minnesota, and current lives in Wisconsin. In addition to being a freelance writer for various role playing game companies he has done all the usual jobs writers put in their bios: dishwasher, waiter, web designer, marketing writer, office manager and short-order cook.