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So, they look at the stimulus and the reinforcement given and determine the responses gotten and make laws based upon that alone. Well, behaviorism was still rampant in graduate school and the approaches were very much the same. Stimulate this part of the brain and see what response you got.

Cut out that part of the brain and see if you could determine what behavior was missing.

Now, I would probably still be in the field if I had gotten my Ph. But there was only one problem — I was learning a trail of techniques that people had developed from modelling others, but not how to model. To the best of my knowledge at the time, no one had ever modeled a huge project that involved many complex dimensions. Then I took a modeling course from Wyatt Woodsmall who I understand moved to the UK and is actively teaching there that give me what I need. He emphasized unlike Bandler that if you just modeled one person you could easily get the idiosyncrasies of that one person rather than what was critical for the model.

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When you have a number of people who do something well, you find out what they do in common. What are the common tasks? When you get the common tasks, then you must determine the three ingredients for each task: 1 the critical beliefs behind doing the task well; 2 the mental state necessary to do the task; and.

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For me the formula was a huge breakthrough. I was part of the original Market Wizards book and I had access to a number of great traders. And I had a basic formula to use. As a result, I was off on my lifelong project of modeling good traders. Developing Trading Models The first model I developed was of the trading process.

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  8. I interviewed good traders exploring what they did during the process of trading. This eventually led to my development of the Tasks of Trading. The Tasks of Trading as a model is taught in our Peak Performance Workshop where we also emphasize beliefs, mental states and self-sabotage. The second point that came out of all the modeling work was that something called money management was critical to trading success. Thus, I researched the topic of money management extensively.

    Some people managed money for others and called what they did money management. Money management also meant how to manage your finances and be wise with money. Shortly after the publication of that book journalist and chat room members all started using the term and it became a part of trading lexicon. Eventually, as I refined this idea more and more, it became clear how important position sizing techniques were to help you meet your objectives as a trader.

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    And that your system had nothing to do with that except to determine how easy it would be to do that through position sizing techniques. And finally, I wrote the book the Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies, with the second edition containing virtually everything you could possibly want to know about this topic. Page 5 of 7 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last Jump to page: Results 81 to of Thread: Trading Books.

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    Jack K. Many thanks. Are there any books specially on Betfair trading and the strategy for using the ladder? Originally Posted by kawasaki. The 2 mike douglas books i have and although they are pretty good reads i do find alot of the stuff he talks about to be quite irrelevant, well not exactly irrelevant but a little too deep ie parts about childhood etc it seems that with each topic he covers he goes well ott in elaborating the point and you can occasionally very easily forget what you are supposed to be reading about imho.

    Material Supply Chain Optimization Process, ps.

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    Supplier Waste Elimination Teams, 31ps. Joint Operating Expectations Process Checklist. Material Supply Management Overview, 10ps. Material Supply Management Models, 7ps. Strategic Material Supply Process, ps. Import — Export Logistics, 24ps. Quan tri chuoi cung ung in VNese, word, 32 Ps 2.


    Strategic Material Supply Course, ppt, ps 3. Total Order Management, ppt, ps 6. Strategic Role of Distribution, ppt, 54 ps 8. Principles of World Class Distribution, ppt, 22 ps 9. Techniques for World Class Distribution, ppt, 20ps Operations Measurements in World Class Distribution, ppt, 67ps Space Utilization and Material Flow Planning, 49ps Principles of World Class Distribution, 15ps Techniques for World Class Distribution, 20ps Space Ulitization and Material Planning, 58ps Fundamentals of PhysicalDistribution, 12ps Warehouse and Inventory control System, ps Warehouse Quality Assurance, 50ps Determining Staffing and Equipment Requirements, 17ps Material Handling Technology and Methods, ps Strategic Role of Distribution2, 22ps