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Dry etching questions are going to be qualitative in nature.

Students are also expected to answer questions on the lab work and their lab project. You are allowed to have a double sided hand-written summary sheet of notes pertaining to the class material. The summary sheet will be submitted along with the exam. Midterm Solutions pdf. Handout 9: Diffusion, Ion-implantation pdf. Reading: book chapter 3 section 3. Handout Packaging, Flow Cytometer Integration. Handout 11a: Wafer Bonding pdf and Handout 11b: Packaging pdf. Reading: book chapter 16, sections Handout Advanced Topics in Micro and Nano fabrication.

Students will make a final presentation according to their lab sections as shown in the table below. Room to be announced. Section I Th AM : 8.

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Final Project Due: Sunday, December 16th, 5 p. Microfabrication; Energy, Materials and Environment.

Introduction to Microfabrication

The purpose of the final project and report is i to reinforce your understanding of how your microfabricated device was constructed, and ii to investigate the broader impacts of microfabrication processes economic and environmental. You are allowed to discuss the paper with your fellow students BUT you must do the calculations and report on your own!

Keep a tally and report the amount of time that you have worked on this final project and report. Williams, R. Ayres, and M. Heller, Environmental Science and Technology, October 24th, Question 2: Based on the information given in the paper and references therein AND your laboratory notes.

The final project writeup, including figures, should be no longer than 5 single space typeset pages long. Use an excel spreadsheet to do the calculations. Please use your fist name initial and last name as the name of the files.

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For example aandreou. Once Blackboard problems with organization of the course are sorted out, you will be able to submit your work there. Your target audience is members of this class; you can assume some knowledge of topics covered in the course. For each chosen subject you will write a paper and then give a 20 minute presentation to the class. So, each student turns in two papers and gives a presentation on each of those papers. Thin film deposition and microfabrication are diverse subjects with many applicable tools and techniques.

We will study a representative subset of these, focusing on general principles. To motivate and glue together these many techniques, I will present them in the context of techniques and materials science needed to make four example devices:.

Bulk Micromachining Overview

Case Study 1 — Optical Filter. Required Processes: Vacuum systems. My office is e Cummings. You are welcome to drop by, or make an appointment via email. All sources in work turned in must be properly referenced.

MOOC: Micro and Nanofabrication (MEMS)

That includes internet based sources. We had a problem with this in a previous offering of this course, so I'll be explicit: anything which is not in your own words must be quoted and referenced. Changing a few words in a sentence or paragraph does not make it yours. You may consult with other students on homework and your design project, and in fact you are encouraged to get feedback on designs, but where others make a significant contribution they should be credited e.

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You must draw submitted design layouts yourself. If you have a hidden learning disability or any other adverse condition that might affect your performance in the course, please see me individually early in the term. Students with questions about disability related accommodations may also contact the Student Accessibility Service office.

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